Glass Medals

  • Material: Glass
  • Item Size: 8 mm
  • Item Weight: 0.184 kg
  • Pieces in a Pack: 72 Pcs
  • Carton Weight: 13.3 kg
  • Carton Size: 37 x 37 x 37 cm

Printing Options :

  • UV Printing | Laser Engraving
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Corporate gifts are always special. These small glass medals with branded finish are the ultimate choice for promotional purposes. You can present these medals as corporate gifts without giving any second thought. Their material is high-quality glass. Edges of this medal give a prismatic effect when light shines on them. The size of one medal is approximately 8mm, which is neither too big nor too small for a gift.

Two printing options are available to personalize this product. You can also choose ultraviolet printing or laser engraving techniques for customization. These printed medals look branded after the customization procedure. There is a small hole for hook at the top of the medal. You can also attach this printed medal with any ribbon through that hook. These glass medals had specially formulated for promotional purposes and are also an excellent gift for your employees.

The prominent features of the glass medal box are:

  1. The material of the medal is high-grade glass.
  2. The size of the medal is 8mm.
  3. Laser cutting on edges gives a prismatic effect of light.
  4. Perfect as a promotional item.
  5. Best for all kinds of events and ceremonies.
  6. Customizable! You can personalize it the way you like.
  7. UV printing and laser engraving options are available for printing.

Additional information

Weight 0.184 kg
Dimensions 8 × 8 cm